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Not everything in life happens as planned. Sometimes, the good happens; we rejoice, we laugh, we glow and bask in happiness. Other times, the not too good happens; we’re sad, we cry, we lose hope (sometimes) and we’re depressed. All these experiences, good or horrible, are what strengthens us. Just as an ECG have peaks and troughs, so is life. We can’t have it all perfect and no matter how we hard we try, we can’t have it all figured out. We can only picture what we want, it’s up to the almighty to make it a reality. If things are bad today, don’t falter, your sunny days are just around the corner and if things are good, enjoy it whilst thanking Him. Life’s not a rollercoaster, it’s not always going to be an easy ride. So when life presents its dark side, know that He’s there somewhere saving the…

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