Newton Movie Review


Newton Kumar a rookie government clerk is sent on election duty in conflict ridden jungle of chhatisgarh because one of election officers refused to go by excusing health problem. The jungle is controlled by naxals.Despite the odds not in his favour he conducts fair election in the jungle.


Despite having serious subject the newton movie is presented with high entertainment quotient which helps the audience engaged in the seats. This is one of the rare movies where no songs are in the album maybe because of plot so comedy is must to keep the entertainment quotient high and the supporting actors provide the comedy necessary to put the crowd in the edge of the seat and not yawning in between scenes due to boredom. It is aptfully the right official entry to OSCAR overtaking toilet ek prem katha which is also a social movie with comedy as a genre.

Newton movie is straight to the point depicting the life of nutan Kumar who is searching for job even though he is 12th man of election duty. When he gets opportunity he grabbed it in both hands and takes a risk to conduct elections in the jungle even though he knows election officers are shot down in the past. People are in trauma to give vote which is the legal right provided by our constitution because naxalites have terrified them if they gave votes there children will be shot down etc.

The entertainment quotient is mostly provided by raghubir yadav and pankaj tripathi. Sanjay sharma has small cameo in the film which is entertaining.
Newton is a dark comedy that gives you equal measures of dread and disillusionment and hope and hilarity. It makes you see the pitfalls of the democratic system but also tells you that it’s the only one capable of positive change. This is reality at its finest, with credible performances and backdrops that immerse viewers into the world and where even the faces of the background characters leave a heartbreaking impression.


Rating : 4.5/5 A must watch

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